26 Oct

Who is an 80s baby? What an iconic decade the 1980s was. It's no wonder it's made a comeback in many ways. A fun expression of what the 80s was known for. 

In the U.S.A. with the rise of mcmansions came high ceilings but not to the level of the 1800s and early 1900s. Architecturally this room embodies this time period and was only missing Wow art. 

With the help of @lollyndona and her signature cat, we combined the turquoise color popular in the 80s period and the 50s black /white mix, a variety of squiggles, other shapes with the 60s pop art to give a perfect 80s experience. 

Fun Fact: Memphis style created by Italian dsigners from Milan. No affliation to Memphis, Tennessee.  They wanted to go against all previous art styles. I think it looks like elementary doodles. 

At first impressions may feel overwhelming but there is almost an instant calm as well from the beautiful balance of color and tone. Another guests favorite.

Who would stay with here?

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