Embrace Balance and Inner Peace at casaJOMO

  •  10/06/2024 12:54

Feeling overwhelmed? Skip the FOMO! Learn about JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) and the art of prioritizing your well-being. Discover how to embrace contentment and find joy in the present moment.

Stuck in a Rut? Don't know why? How to get out?

  •  08/06/2024 12:48

Feeling overwhelmed by change? Learn how to navigate life's transitions and prevent burnout. Discover the power of post-traumatic growth (PTG) to emerge stronger.

When Your Drive Dims

  •  05/06/2024 14:56

Is your zest for life fading? Do you feel increasingly disconnected from your passions and purpose? While these might seem like separate issues, they could be signs of a deeper problem – burnout. This post explores how losing your sense of self is a crucial warning signal. Learn how burnout can erode your identity and discover steps to reignite your inner spark and rediscover the joy in life.

Are You Running on Fumes?

  •  03/06/2024 14:42

Feeling perpetually exhausted, cynical about work, and going through the motions like a robot? These could be more than just a case of the Mondays. This post dives into the top 10 warning signs of burnout and equips you with the knowledge to recognize them before they take a toll on your well-being. Don't let burnout dim your light – learn how to identify it and reclaim your energy and enthusiasm for life.

Beyond the Brochure

  •  31/05/2024 14:08

Seeking a transformative retreat experience? Look beyond the brochure! Discover the growing trend of retreats offering communal living, fostering connection, support, and a deeper sense of community. #retreats #communalliving #selfgrowth #wellbeing #personaldevelopment

Ditching the Apartment Hunt

  •  29/05/2024 13:58

Tired of endless apartment hunting? Communal living with strangers might be the self-care solution you didn't know you needed! Ditch the stress of solo renting and discover the benefits of shared living: built-in community, reduced costs, and a potential boost to your well-being. This post explores why co-living can be your secret weapon for a happier, more fulfilling life. #selfcaregoals #communityliving

Unleash Your Inner Picasso

  •  27/05/2024 13:20

Unleash Your Creativity, Heal Your Soul: Art Therapy for Wellness (Art therapy benefits, mental health, emotional healing, self-expression, stress reduction, anxiety management) Feeling stuck? Art therapy isn't just about pretty pictures! It's a powerful tool for self-discovery, emotional healing, and personal growth. This unique therapy allows you to express yourself creatively, reduce stress and anxiety, and gain insights into your inner world. No artistic experience needed! Unleash your inner Picasso and explore the transformative power of art therapy. #arttherapy #mentalhealth #wellbeing #selfcare

Unleash Your Inner Therapist

  •  24/05/2024 12:54

Feeling overwhelmed? Journaling isn't just for angsty teens! It's a powerful self-care tool that unlocks self-awareness, reduces stress, and boosts mental well-being. This simple practice empowers you to process emotions, manage anxiety, and gain valuable insights into your inner world. Unleash your inner therapist and start journaling your way to a calmer, healthier you. #journaling #mentalhealth #selfcare