Why JOMO.art?

Our name was born from the feeling we experienced after entering through the gates of the Villa. We felt JOMO and wanted our guests to have this wonderful experience in Rio as well.

Santa Teresa is an art district and we love art. Bringing Immersive art into the guests rooms just made sense to us. A place to truly relax and rebalance with lots of creativity and no pressure.

Take the time for self care or time reconnecting with family or friends. From the moment you enter, you will feel JOMO too.

How safe is neighborhood?

Santa Teresa is the safest neighborhood in Rio. Santa is safe to walk around at night. Streets well lit and paid guards walk up and down.

What is your cancellation policy?

No refund or changes 3 days before booking for regular stays.

For Carnival, New Years or 3 or more rooms booked no refunds for cancellations or changes.

What are check in and check out hours?

Check-In: 2:00 PM
Early Check-In without room access: 8:00 AM
Breakfast option ONLY: R$65 per person
Early Check-In with room access & breakfast: 50%

Check-Out: 11:00 AM
Late Check-out Hour: 8:00 PM
Late Check-out with room access: 50%

How are we helping mother Earth?

We have implemented sustainable measures.

1) No one time use plastic. This means, we do not stock frigo bars with bottled water. We do however, have a large water 20L water jug in dining area for as many refills as needed. We want everyone to stay hydrated.

2) We ask guests to turn off AC, fans and lights when leaving the rooms. Let's reduce consumption to what we need.

Can I use the kitchen?

Unfortunately, our hotel license does not allow for kitchen use. If utensils and dishes are needed. We will gladly help with giving you these.

For group rentals, kitchen use is included.

How will I get around?

Taxi stop 1.5 blocks away, a 2 min walk. Taxis are safe and metered 99% of the time. Some will go off meter for Carnaval, New Years and other high events or if really close in Lapa.

Uber is also a great option. Note: When it rains, taxi will be best as Ubers may not have the engine strength to come up the steep hills.

Public Transportation is available.
With the bus you can embark 2 mins away at Bar do Gomes or 7 mins away at Largo do Guimarães.

The closest metro is Gloria metro about a 20 min walk from us.

Why no TVs?

We have hi speed wifi of around 400-500 Mbps.

Note: Rooms are not soundproof. This is the whole of Rio. TVs would cause noise pollution. We are very quiet and try to maintain a peaceful environment for all.

"Let's think of it as a welcome break from our busy schedules." - Did you Hear about the Morgans

What should I know before booking my stay?

We cannot accommodate guests with mobility issues. The hotel has many stairs (over 20) and no elevator, and the local streets have many hills and cobblestones. Thank you for considering this before you make your reservation.

Smoking is permitted in outside areas only. There are no outside guests allowed at any time. Swimming pool is for daytime use only.
Quiet Time between 10pm - 8am

Due to safety concerns with our swimming pool, which is in an open area and without lifeguard located on the 2nd rooftop level.
We accept:-Babies under 1 year -Children over 1 year who can swim unaided of a flotation device.

Do you offer lunch or dinner at hotel?

At the moment, our small restaurant is not set up yet. Having said this, please let us know how we can help with delivery and other personal meal options as needed.

For large groups we offer a private chef.

What vaccines are required?

If you are flying from a country with dengue fever, the yellow fever vaccine is required. Please verify departure country to Brazil.

Should I get travel insurance?

Yes!!! We highly recommend travel insurance due to the nature of travel and our cancellation policies. 

Is Brazil safe for solo travelers?

Solo travelers will find Brazil to be very easy to visit. Please be mindful of flashy jewelry, large bags and heels. We are a laid back beach destination. Santa Teresa is the safest neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.