We have European and/or US outlets in each room. If needed we have adaptors for use.
Santos Dumont airport (SDU) is the closest to us. About 15 minutes.

The larger international Rio Galeão – Tom Jobim airport (GIG) is 30 minutes from us.
If you are flying from a country with dengue fever, the yellow fever vaccine is required. Please verify departure country to Brazil.
Visas for US citizens, Canadians and Australians has been postponed until April 2025. Other countries of origin please verify.
Solo travelers will find Brazil to be very easy to visit. Please be mindful of flashy jewelry, large bags and heels. We are a laid back beach destination. Santa Teresa is the safest neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. 
We highly recommend travel insurance.
Unfortunately, we only include round trip transfer from/to the airports mentioned. No flights are included. 
Our retreats are in high demand so we cannot reserve a place unless a deposit is paid. Please contact us with any concerns or questions so we can work with you and your circumstances.
We have implemented sustainable measures.

1) No one time use plastic. This means, we do not stock frigo bars with bottled water. We do however, have a large water 20L water jug in dining area for as many refills as needed. We want everyone to stay hydrated.

2) We ask guests to turn off AC, fans and lights when leaving the rooms. Let's reduce consumption to what we need.
We have hi speed wifi of around 400-500 Mbps.

Note: We do not have TVs in the rooms. TVs would cause noise pollution. We are very quiet and try to maintain a peaceful environment for all.

"Let's think of it as a welcome break from our busy schedules." - Did you Hear about the Morgans
No refund or changes 30 days before booking for retreats because of the planning involved and nature of event.